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Secret Vineyard Spa is still located on the property at 19 S Park St. It is no longer located in the main building ...It has moved to a cozy studio suite b in the back of the garden lounge...(checkout their venue www.secretgardentx.com ) We are underway with an addition for a receptionist and relaxation area so Temporarily it is by appointment only please leave a voicemail or text at 325-655-3541 and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

The Secret Vineyard Wellness Spa

A "Private Reserve/Vintage” since 2004

The name and concept for Secret Vineyard Spa came from "The Secret of the Vine" daily devotional which is based on being pruned and spiritually harvested so that we may all have a prosperous life that GOD designed for us!

My Mission is to create an environment that strengthens and cleanses you mentally, physically, and spiritually. The focus is to assist in "pruning" you from your head to your toes. I believe that our mind, body, and soul work synergistically together to form the unique individual that GOD created us to be. I created The Secret Vineyard Spa so that is truly a secret retreat just for you!

Through prayers and divine intervention, I felt my journey needed some "pruning' of its own. I was made an offer on the property and sold it in January 2023. The new owners, Lori Jo, and Vincent continue to create a divine environment focusing on wellness/holistic treatments. They also have created a fabulous venue, The Garden Lounge, where you can relax with wine/beer and food along with live music. For more information about the owners and their wonderful vision go to The Secret Garden/ (www.secretgardentx.com).

I have been blessed to stay on the property and create a space for The Secret Vineyard Spa that still continues to offer relaxation treatments, small group spa gatherings, and couple's retreats. It is no longer located in the main building. It is now located in a cozy studio that overlooks the Garden Lounge. You will walk through the gates of the garden and be whisked away by the beautiful landscape and great vibes that the owners have created! What a great way to set your mood for a relaxing spa retreat...And remember to "uncork & unwined" at the Garden Lounge Wednesday through Saturday evenings...see website link above for times and events...CHEERS!

Peace Love Harmony,

Nicole Vick



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Pleasures of the Vine

Spoil yourself with one of our Pleasures of the Vine spa packages! A great gift for anyone. We have packages for Moms, Moms-to-be, and men.

You can even enjoy a true stomping of the grapes foot ritual (stomping grapes in our wine tub followed by an exfoliation with the grapes on your feet, sole soak, and massage).
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Couples/Friends Retreats

Enjoy a relaxing side-by-side retreat. Upper back treatment to include warm towels, exfoliation, moisturizing grapeseed message targeting back neck shoulders, followed by calf/foot massage, hand/arm massage, and concluded with relaxing scalp message.

A little sample of everything!
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